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Back Dress
The Back Dress really does fit all shapes and sizes. With the large box pleats at the high back, this dress contours brilliantly and is a best seller.   Composition 100% Japanese yarn, man-made fibre
Bamboo Pocket Dress
The Bamboo Pocket Dress with its wide sleeve opening, lends shape and form to our mesh items and contrasts beautifully with our Classic tees.   Composition 95% Bamboo & 5% spandex
Bamboo Swing Dress
The Bamboo Swing Dress is one of those versatile dresses that is easily worn with a little flat for a more relaxed look or a high heel for a elegant look. The fitted top and cascaded skirt makes this piece exquisite.   Composition  95% Bamboo and 5% Spandex  
Broadway Dress
Sold Out
The Broadway Dress reminds us of the Great Gatsby. The fringing sways as you walk giving a fluidity to your movement.   Composition High Temp Fabric. Man-made fibre
Check Dress
The Stunning Check Dress uses 2 different pleats to give it an ethereal look. The application of the plain print on the top giving it texture and form.   Composition 100% Chiffon. Man-made fibre * Check Dress worn with slip underneath
Coat Dress
An all time favorite, the Coat Dress can be worn buttoned up or open if desired. Ideal for multi tasking situations - travel, work or simply relaxing at home. Composition 100% Reverse satin, man-made fibre
Cruz Dress
A modern reinterpretation of the Smash Pocket Dress, The Cruz Dress  is a wonderfully easy dress with side pockets, featuring colourful stripes and spots. Wear with flare.   Composition 100% Reverse satin, man-made fibre
Drape Dress
Cut to give the double panel of the skirt an exciting swing, our Drape Dress with diagonal seam excites the senses. With a long sleeve and bamboo construction, it is a staple item for your wardrobe.   Composition 95% Bamboo & 5% spandex
Estrella Dress
Wear our Estrella Dress with or without a bolero or coat. This is a relaxed version of the Super Nova Dress and looks fabulous at a garden party - or the races when the champagne has kicked in!   Composition 100% Japanese yarn, man-made fibre