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9th Note Coat | Alquema
The 9th Note Coat marries our signature silhouette with a sophisticated playful collar, bringing elegance and flavour to any outfit.   Composition 100% Japanese yarn, man-made fibre
Arizona Coat | Alquema
The Arizona Coat is reminiscent of a waterfall. The beautiful pleated folds make it an easy to wear Alquema piece.   Composition 100% High Temp Fabric. Man-made fibre
Bordo Jacket | Alquema
Bordo Jacket | Alquema
This Chiffon jacket is effortless and weightless in its elegance. The depth created by the layered pleating adds to its intricate beauty which flows from the bold and textural lapel. A gently dynamic piece perfect for any occasion.    Composition 100% Chiffon, Man Made Fibre
Chino Jacket | Alquema
The material and the pleating detail of the Chino Jacket creates an organic anatomic profile. A wonderful garment that creates a life of its own.   Composition 100% Chiffon, man-made fibre
Classic Bolero | Alquema
The line of the Classic Bolero has been designed to hang in just the right place on our dresses. Double pleating lends a richness to the colour palette.   Composition 100% Silk like yarn, man-made fibre
Cloud Jacket | Alquema
The Cloud Jacket is conceptual and contemporary. The pleating and stitching combination create the Cloud effect. The waist is accentuated with a tie that adds another layer to the shape of this piece.    Composition 100% Mercerised Fabric, man-made fibre
Collare Coat | Alquema
The Collare Coat is reminiscent of a waterfall. The beautiful pleated folds created within the chiffon material make it an easy to wear Alquema piece and is perfectly paired with the Long Estrella Dress.    Composition 100% Chiffon, man made fibre
Della Long Sleeve Top | Alquema
Della Long Sleeve Top | Alquema
This new addition of a long sleeve top is full of architectural simplicity and intrigue. The flattering round neck is followed by a tight straight pleat continuing all the way down the bodice to the sculptural cut out at the front and the dynamic curvature to finish at the back. A...
Dino Jacket | Alquema
Dino Jacket | Alquema
Captivating with it's myriad of colours, the Dino Jacket is playful, bold and elegant. The flow of the collar through the length of garment adds to the waterfall nature of the piece, which is repeated in it's movement and colour. Perfect for any occasion.    Composition 100% High Temp, Man...
Filato Dress | Alquema
Combining a range of pleating styles, our Filato Dress is cheeky and charming. Structured pleating meets an abstract pleat creating wearable art!   Composition 100% Man-made fibre - Japanese Yarn
Formare Dress | Alquema
A new shape, the Formare Dress is featured in an accordion-pleated fabrication. A long sleeved effortless pull on style.    Composition 100% Satin, man-made fibre
Formare High Top | Alquema
This semi sheer layering top features a nigh neckline and is an ultimate wardrobe staple. Long sleeved and a stretch fit.    Composition 100% Stretch Chiffon, man-made fibre
Indi Dress | Alquema
The Indi Dress fit an a ray of all shapes and sizes. With the large folding front lapel, this dress contours brilliantly.   Composition 100% High Temp, man-made fibre
Jacqui Bolero | Alquema
The architectural Jacqui Bolero is an ideal piece to wear with many of the Alquema Dresses, especially the Lara Dress.  The  forms it creates around the body takes on a shape of it's own.   Composition 100% Chiffon. Man-made fibre
Jacqui Coat Long | Alquema
The  material of the long Jacqui Coat creates an organic anatomic profile. A wonderful garment that creates a life of its own.   Composition 100% Chiffon, man-made fibre