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Chino Jacket | Alquema
The material and the pleating detail of the Chino Jacket creates an organic anatomic profile. A wonderful garment that creates a life of its own.   Composition 100% Chiffon, man-made fibre
Cloud Jacket | Alquema
The Cloud Jacket is conceptual and contemporary. The pleating and stitching combination create the Cloud effect. The waist is accentuated with a tie that adds another layer to the shape of this piece.    Composition 100% Mercerised Fabric, man-made fibre
Lampo Bomber Jacket | Alquema
Impressive and enticing with its intricate needle work, the Lampo Bomber Jacket is rich with elegance and character. It features a ribbed neckline and hem contrasted with a front zipper. This flattering bomber jacket marries together to create a convenient and comfortable style     Composition 100% Mercerised Fabric, man-made fibre
Tri Jacket | Alquema
The chiffon Tri Jacket is an elevated design that features two differing pleating techniques which when combined creates an original and organic profile. A perfect garment for any outfit.   Composition 100% Chiffon, man-made fibre

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