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Sciato Shrug | Alquema
This faux suede Sciato Shrug features long sleeves and is the perfect accessory to all of our dresses, worn as the outermost layer of an outfit. Designed as a great travel companion.   Combination 100% Faux Suede, man-made fibre
Soho Dress | Alquema
Our take on a casual classic, this suede ribbed trimmed and long sleeve dress is extremely complimentary. Embrace the monochromatic tones this style offers.    Composition 100% faux suede, man-made fibre Ribbed trim
Suede Nehru Coat Dress | Alquema
The crush of the faux suede fabric is married with a nehru collar and subtle detailing of buttons through out. This dress is a versatile piece, perfect for any occasion.    Composition 100% Faux Suede. man-made fibre
Suede Smash Pocket Dress | Alquema
A new faux suede version of our best selling Smash Pocket Dress, it is stylish and ready to wear, everywhere. Feel free in this flattering and easy fit garment.   Composition 100% Faux Suede, man-made fibre

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