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Ariel Dress | Alquema
Ariel Dress | Alquema
Sculptural and conceptual, this dress is full of charm and sophistication. Marrying colour and shape, the V neck dress shines with it's horizontal pleat and it's surprise pop of colour and intrigue of either side. A truly comfortable statement piece, easily worn from day to night.    Composition 100% Japanese...
Collare Coat | Alquema
The Collare Coat is reminiscent of a waterfall. The beautiful pleated folds created within the chiffon material make it an easy to wear Alquema piece and is perfectly paired with the Long Estrella Dress.    Composition 100% Chiffon, man made fibre
Dino Jacket | Alquema
Dino Jacket | Alquema
Captivating with it's myriad of colours, the Dino Jacket is playful, bold and elegant. The flow of the collar through the length of garment adds to the waterfall nature of the piece, which is repeated in it's movement and colour. Perfect for any occasion.    Composition 100% High Temp, Man...
Formare Dress | Alquema
A new shape, the Formare Dress is featured in an accordion-pleated fabrication. A long sleeved effortless pull on style.    Composition 100% Satin, man-made fibre
Formare High Top | Alquema
This semi sheer layering top features a nigh neckline and is an ultimate wardrobe staple. Long sleeved and a stretch fit.    Composition 100% Stretch Chiffon, man-made fibre
Formare Pant | Alquema
The Formare Pant feature a pull-on style silhouette with an elastic waistband. The semi sheer stretch chiffon fabrication makes these pants a great layering garment.   Composition 100% Stretch Chiffon, man-made fibre  
Long Estrella Dress | Alquema
Our beautiful Long Estrella Dress perfectly entwines an ombre of colour with form and structure. This style is formal and fun rolled into one and is perfectly paired with the Collare Coat.    Composition 100% Japanese Yarn, man made fibre
Onda Dress | Alquema
This effortless maxi dress featured in a gorgeous double pleat fabrication features a V-silhouette with an empire waistline for added shape.   Composition 100% High Temp, man-made fibre
Palazzo Tank | Alquema
The reversible Palazzo Tank features a double layer of chiffon which gives the garment a wonderful versatility. It is perfectly paired with our 3/4 Palazzo Pants.    Composition 100% Chiffon, man-made fibre
Zig Zag Dress | Alquema
The Zig Zag Dress features a simple silhouette, the detailed pleating creates a stylish profile and can be worn as a single item or with many of our coats and boleros. Suitable for almost every occasion.   Composition 100% Japanese Yarn, Man-made fibre