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Classic Bolero | Alquema
The line of the Classic Bolero has been designed to hang in just the right place on our dresses. Double pleating lends a richness to the colour palette.   Composition 100% Silk like yarn, man-made fibre
Jacqui Bolero | Alquema
The architectural Jacqui Bolero is an ideal piece to wear with many of the Alquema Dresses, especially the Lara Dress.  The  forms it creates around the body takes on a shape of it's own.   Composition 100% Chiffon. Man-made fibre
Rosa Bolero | Alquema
A bolero that harmoniously marries together a myriad of elements, this piece is elegant and refined with a dash of charm. Combining colour and intricate needlework, the roses hero in this bolero, covering the piece in a soft foliage of beauty from the full length sleeve, to the cropped bodice, to the generous...